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Flabby Arms

Transform your flabby arms with the #1 non-surgical fat freezing treatment – Coolsculpting. Dr. Hilinski and his team of Coolsculpting specialists in San Diego offer the best medspa treatment to help tone up and slim your flabby arm fat.

Flabby Arm Coolsculpting

We have quite a number of patients who consult with us from South San Diego to La Jolla to North San Diego County to help in treating their flabby arms. Some of these patients are self-conscious about showing off their arms because they feel the upper arm looks to flabby. Many of these Coolsculpting candidates simply want to wear certain clothing items without worrying about their flabby arms. For instance, some look forward to the day they can put on that spaghetti strap dress. Others are looking to show off that sexy outfit for that special upcoming event. For instance, lots of women will consider Coolsculpting to slim their arms down prior to their big wedding day.

No matter what your motivation is, Coolsculpting can help you get there by targeting the excess fat along the upper arm region.

Coolsculpting for Bat Wings

You might hear some people talking about getting their bat wings Coolsculpted. This is just another way of describing excess, sagging arm fat as it can mimic the silhouette of bat wings where the outline of the arm can be viewed as hanging down. This is noted in the adjacent photo where the arrows help to indicate how the arm fat and skin can appear to ‘drape off’ the arm when it is held out to the side of the body. This is also the area that can contribute to too much jiggle when some patients move their arms in certain clothing that exposes this zone.

Whether you are discussing bat wings or flabby arms, it is all in reference to the unwanted arm fat that can be effectively treated and improved with Coolsculpting treatment.

Get Rid of Flabby Arms

So how do you get rid of flabby arms and bat wings? Well, the first recommendation is to workout regularly – specifically doing exercises that help target the triceps area of the arms. Eating healthy is also recommended. If both of these fail to help improve your flabby arms, then Coolsculpting is a great option for you.

Can you undergo liposuction for flabby arms? Absolutely. But liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that necessitates some degree of downtime and recovery. For those people who don’t want to risk surgery and don’t wish to deal with the surgical recovery of liposuction, Coolsculpting is the best alternative to treat those flabby arms.

Coolsculpting is the only FDA-approved treatment option to simply freeze that flabby arm fat away. In addition, Coolsculpting has been FDA approved to help tighten skin in areas where the fat is frozen. This can be a huge advantage once the fat has been reduced in the arm region. In many cases, nearly a 20% reduction in fat can be consistently seen after just one Coolsculpting treatment session. In patients who elect to do a series of Coolsculpting arm fat reduction sessions, the results can be even more dramatic.

Flabby Arm Coolsculpting Results

Shown below is a typical result that we see with Coolsculpting of the arms. This patient underwent dual sculpting by San Diego’s #1 medspa Coolsculpting team – meaning she had treatment of both arms done simultaneously. This means her actual treatment time was cut in half compared to many other Coolsculpting practices in San Diego. The end result after this single Coolsculpting treatment is an arm that has less of a flabby appearance and more tone. The skin also appears tighter after Coolsculpting. In addition, you can now more easily see the outline of her triceps muscle. This is considered a very nice result for a medspa treatment that is done with no needles, no surgery and no downtime in an effort to tone and tighten those flabby arms.

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