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Freeze Fat or Sculpsure

We have been asked on several occasions by Coolsculpting patients to make a comparison with Sculpsure. Some patients even come in questioning whether or not Coolsculpting and Sculpsure are very similar. Both technologies are quite popular as non-surgical methods to help improve your body contour while reducing unwanted, excess fat. But there are major differences in the technologies that warrant some explanation – and are the reasons behind why Dr. Hilinski and his staff prefer to freeze fat away with Coolsculpting.

One advantage that Coolsculpting has over Sculpsure is the number of areas that are approved by the FDA for eliminating fat. Coolsculpting is currently FDA approved for treating more areas of the body, which includes the chin, abdomen, flanks and thighs.

Some of this relates to another advantage of Coolsculpting – the fact it has been on the market much longer than Sculpsure. Coolsculpting was approved for use back in 2010 while Sculpsure was approved in 2015. Consequently, Coolsculpting technology has been tested and validated more times over than Sculpsure. Just think of Coolsculpting as having a much more thorough track record within the plastic surgery community. Will Sculpsure eventually be proven to have such a solid track record? Maybe. But at this time, Coolsculpting is the clear winner when it comes to being time tested for non-surgical fat reduction and elimination.

One of the other main advantages of Coolsculpting is the fact that most patients will see a substantial change in the contour of their body after just one session or treatment. In comparison, Sculpsure patients will often times require more treatment sessions to attain similar results as are seen with Coolsculpting. The end result is that Sculpsure patients may end up paying significantly more in terms of cost of treatment.

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