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Zwivel’s Guide To Facelift Surgery Featuring Dr. Hilinski

Dr. John Hilinski is dedicated to helping patients reach their aesthetic goals. In addition to his surgical skill, Dr. Hilinski’s patients also benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience. He takes time to advise potential patients of their options, explain the benefits of each procedure, and develop a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Hilinski was recently featured as an expert in Zwivel’s Complete Guide To Facelift Surgery. Zwivel is a comprehensive plastic surgery platform that helps patients make informed decisions about cosmetic surgery.

On the topic of considering your age in the decision to have a facelift, Dr. Hilinski says, “There is a benefit to undergoing facelift surgery earlier rather than later. If you prove to be a good candidate for the procedure in your 40s, you can enjoy your results for longer and also benefit from the refreshed appearance during a time that is often important for one’s career. In addition, by addressing facial aging before it has become severe, you can achieve enhanced results and the ability to age more gracefully over time.” Learn more about facelift and mini facelift surgery at our San Diego office.

In their complete guide to plastic surgery, the team at Zwivel also put together tips for preparing for your facelift and optimizing recovery, including nutrition guidance. They also advise conducting thorough research when choosing a plastic surgeon in order to find a surgeon with upstanding credentials and adequate experience. Dr. Hilinski is double board certified and trained at Harvard Medical School – learn more about his credentials and experience.

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