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Melt Your Flank and Back Fat Away

So many women in San Diego are bothered by unwanted flank and back fat, which is often times very difficult to get rid of even with good exercise regimens and healthy diets. Fortunately, there is Coolsculpting to help literally freeze that fat away!

Here is a great case example of a healthy female patient who works out regularly and maintains a healthy diet. Despite this, she had areas of unwanted, excess fat in her flank and back region. Rather than undergoing a more invasive plastic surgery procedure, such as liposuction, she opted to have her flank and back treated with Coolsculpting.

This particular patient had the procedure done in Dr. Hilinski’s Coolsculpting treatment room as she literally surfed the internet and texted her friends. The fat freezing procedure took less than an hour to complete – and she was off to resume her normal daily activities! That is right – no downtime at all.

The Coolsculpting results shown here are just 4 weeks after the one treatment. Yep – just 4 weeks later you can see a dramatic change in the contour of her flank and back with a marked reduction in the fat. You can also see how her skin looks tighter following Coolsculpting. And she should continue to enjoy even better results than this as time goes on.

So if you have undesirable fat in the back and flank region, contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Coolsculpting experts to finally freeze away your unwanted fat!

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