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Repeat Treatment of an Area

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our patients fully informed, Dr. Hilinski wanted to post a quick entry regarding what some patients experience during their repeat Coolsculpting sessions. A repeat session refers to an area that has already undergone Coolsculpting and is about to undergo a second or third treatment. Although most patients note a significant improvement after just one fat freezing session, some patients elect to get even better body contouring results with a second or third Coolsculpting treatment. It is worth noting that some of these patients will note a slight increase in the level of discomfort during the intial phases of the treatment. Just like the first Coolsculpting session, the area goes numb within a few minutes. But patients may want to be prepared that the discomfort level may be more intense than the initial treatment. Despite this, there is still no surgery, no needles and no downtime!

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