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Flatter, Tighter Stomach in Your 40s

Want to get a flatter, tighter stomach without surgery? Get Coolsculpted today by Dr. Hilinski’s team of fat freezing specialists! Coolsculpting is an incredibly effective, non-invasive, no downtime cosmetic fat reduction treatment that allows you to contour down unwanted stomach fat to achieve that shape you always wanted.

This patient shown here is in her 40s and had some problem areas, including her stomach/abdominal region. She elected to undergo Coolsculpting by our team of experts. This included freezing her fat around the abdominal region. After just one treatment, you can see a fairly marked improvement in the stomach region – with flatter, tighter abdominals. If you look even closer, you can easily appreciate how the skin around her belly button looks even tighter. And all this improvement was realized after just one Coolsculpting treatment! No downtime, no needles and no recovery was involved.

If you are in your 40s, workout regulary, eat healthy and still want a flatter, tighter tummy – contact our office today to see one of our Coolsculpting specialists to freeze that fat away!

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