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Tighter Tummy

Here is another example of how you can get a tighter tummy without surgery!

This patient desired a flatter abdomen but didn’t want to go under the knife to achieve results. So she opted for non-surgical Coolsculpting to contour her abdomen. More specifically, she underwent fat freezing to target the abdomen region.

Here are her results just 8 weeks after only 1 treatment session! You can visibly see she now has a flatter, tighter tummy – particularly notable along the lower abdomen region where her pooch is now much improved. And with Coolsculpting, remember, there are no needles, no incisions and no downtime.

If you have pockets of unwanted fat and desire to have it treated without surgery, contact San Diego’s #1 Coolsculpting team led by Dr. John Hilinski.

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