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Tummy Tuck Without Surgery

Here is another fantastic example of how Coolsculpting can give you a non-surgical tummy tuck. This female patient from San Diego wanted to have a flatter tummy – but didn’t want an invasive plastic surgery procedure. She came to Dr. Hilinski and his team of Coolsculpting experts. She is undergoing a series of fat freezing sessions – but we couldn’t resist showing her photos 5 weeks after just one (1) single treatment! It doesn’t take a plastic surgeon to see how her tummy is now flatter with less fatty contour. Look more specifically at her lower abdomen (below her belly button) where you can literally see that her tummy has been made flatter and more toned. The day she took this photo, she elected to undergo even more Coolsculpting of her tummy. We can’t wait to see how much more improvement she will get after the additional fat freezing sessions! If you want a flatter tummy – but don’t want any needles, surgery or downtime – contact San Diego’s leading team of Coolsculpting experts lead by Dr. John Hilinski.

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