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Dr. Hilinski Presents Latest on Cosmetic Injectables

woman-hike-smileIn October, I was invited by Dr. John Vartanian to speak at The Ultimate Aesthetic Training Workshop that took place at The Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills. In my presentation on filler injection, I focused on the use of microcannulas, or blunt-tipped cannulas, as well as facial contouring with Sculptra® Aesthetic and Bellafill®. I felt honored to be invited by other experts in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery to provide my personal insights regarding these dynamic treatment options.

During my presentation, I spoke in detail regarding the use of Sculptra® for facial contouring and Bellafill® for cosmetic enhancement of the face. At this point in time, not all offices offer Sculptra® to their patients. I wanted to let the audience of other plastic surgeons know the real merits of offering this volumizer as an option. Not only can Sculptra® deliver an amazing liquid facelift, but it can last nearly twice as long as fillers like Restylane® and Juvederm®. Bellafill® also has its own unique advantage: it is the only FDA-approved permanent filler currently on the market. However, it is important to note that using it requires a much more conscientious approach to each patient’s personal wants as well as a plastic surgeon who has a great deal of expertise in facial contouring.

My hope is that the audience could learn the techniques used in my injection practices and bring that information back home for the benefit of their own patients. With my extensive experience in using fillers for cosmetic face enhancement, I feel I can help quicken the learning process for other surgeons just getting started in the field.

Dr. John Hilinski

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