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The Unique Benefits of Sculptra® and Radiesse®

woman-bikeDermal fillers are designed to restore lost facial volume, combating the common signs of aging by giving your skin a smoother, firmer appearance. Each dermal filler has its own strengths and, when used properly, can effectively address different cosmetic concerns.

Unlike many dermal fillers, Radiesse® utilizes very tiny crystals containing calcium hydroxyapatite to treat facial aging rather than hyaluronic acid (HA). Calcium hydroxyapatite is a substance that resembles constituents of bone found naturally in the body, and can be used to sculpt or recontour your facial features in addition to diminishing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, deep creases, or even scarring. Our patients commonly use this dermal filler to smooth nasolabial folds or rejuvenate the cheek area.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is another popular injectable that is, technically speaking, not a dermal filler. The unique formula is designed to rebuild the skin’s underlying structure by restoring lost collagen. Using a unique poly-L-lactic acid formula, Sculptra® can enhance the deepest levels of your facial skin, stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, and gradually cause your skin to look healthy and smooth.

Remember: it is important to seek out doctors who have the highest level of education and training to perform these services. The cost of the treatment should not be your main concern when you are considering a procedure that can alter the appearance of your face. An experienced plastic surgeon with a history of success can deliver consistent results that look natural, youthful, and beautiful.

Dr. John Hilinski

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