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Injectable Filler for Deep Forehead Wrinkles in San Diego, CA

This case example is a great learning case to visually see what dermal fillers can do for excessively deep, unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. This male patient from San Diego, CA was unhappy with a deep horizontal line across the forehead region. Although Botox injections could help minimize worsening of the line by stopping the underlying muscle movement, Botox injections were not sufficient to fully erase the line in its resting state. Instead, he required dermal fillers to smooth out the undesirable deep wrinkle. Dermal fillers include the more popular hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane. This particular patient opted to have Juvederm injections of the forehead region to correct the unwanted wrinkle line. During a 20 minute office-based procedure, Juvederm was injected just underneath the skin to push the deep aspect of the crease closer to the surface. This resulted in a marked improvement in contour across the central aspect of his forehead. And when comparing the before and after Juvederm injection photos, you can easily appreciate how much less noticeable the horizontal forehead wrinkle is following injectable filler treatment. This is the type of cosmetic improvement that would likely never be achieved with use of Botox injection alone, especially in the male patient population in the forehead region. If you are bothered by deep forehead lines and wrinkles and wish to have them treated during a quick, minimal downtime office-based cosmetic treatment, contact our San Diego facial plastic surgery office today to consult with Dr. John Hilinski – one of the most expert dermal filler injectors in the region.

Before and After Forehead Dermal Filler Injection

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