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Upper Lip Lift – Lip Shortening Procedure by John Hilinski, M.D.

We have seen a recent surge in requests by patients who desire to have their upper lip lifted. This is also referred to by many patients as an upper lip shortening procedure, since the actual vertical lip length is reduced in size. The reason our office has seen such a marked increase in requests for upper lip lift surgery is because my practice is so focused on facial plastic surgery, including the many niche procedures that are involved with this highly dedicated specialty. This particular blog entry highlights upper lip shortening, or upper lip lift, surgery using a case example of a female patient from San Diego, CA. In the adjacent patient photo, you can see that the vertical height of her upper lip (indicated by the double red arrow) is somewhat excessive, or long. This creates a disproportionate balance in the face with many patients being quite bothered by this appearance. Other upper lip lift candidates come in noting how the elongated upper lip covers too much of their teeth for their liking. Patients with an elongated upper lip are looking to have the upper lip shortened by removing some of the excess upper lip skin. That is precisely why it is called a lip shortening procedure. By virtue of how the lip is lifted upward, it is also commonly referred to as an upper lip lift. The end result of this type of cosmetic lip surgery is a shorter upper lip with better overall balance in terms of the facial appearance. In addition, the pink portion of the upper lip becomes more visible with an added sense of fullness – a very desirable change in shape and size when it comes to female lip enhancement. To learn more about upper lip lift surgery, or upper lip shortening procedures, designed to create a more beautiful upper lip appearance, link here to our webpage fully dedicated to this particular cosmetic upper lip treatment. This growing section of our website also features several patient examples of upper lip lift surgery.

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