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Update On Dermal Fillers

Many patients ask whether or not fillers can be used in the more aged patient as an alternative to undergoing the knife. The reality is that many patients, including more elderly patients, are considered great candidates to undergo dermal filler treatment of their face. The following patient is a great example of exactly what I am referring to with dermal fillers. This female patient from San Diego is 77 years old and simply didn’t want to undergo a surgical procedure for rejuvenation of her chin and jowl region. So we discussed in detail using a dermal filler to help volumize this region and provide a more youthful look in a non-surgical manner. She chose to use Artefill, which is the only FDA-approved permanent filler on the market. Her treatment was completed in one office visit with minimal downtime. Photos below demonstrate the result. Notice an overall more youthful looking chin and jowl region with less skin creasing and wrinkling. Now she could certainly benefit from more procedures to further resurface her skin and provide her even more improvement, however, this particular patient wanted to keep things simple. She is quite happy with the natural appearing results that she has and had essentially no downtime at all! Plus, the cost savings versus having a surgical procedure were fairly significant. If you were ever considering a non-surgical option to help rejuvenate your lower face and upper neck region, give The Hilinski Clinic a call today.

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