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Reconstructing A New Nasal Tip

About every 3-4 months or so, I see a revision rhinoplasty patient who needs to have the entire nasal tip reconstructed. The following patient is a great example of exactly this type of rhinoplasty procedure. If you look at this particular patient, the tip of his nose looks as if it were truncated, or removed. After consulting with our office, he elected to proceed with the surgery to reshape his nose. We performed his rhinoplasty along with septal cartilage harvesting. The septal cartilage was used to rebuild his nasal tip region and reproject his nose outward from the plane of his face. As you can see in his postop lateral view, his nose now looks more normal. His profile has been restored with a straight bridge that gently transitions into a more anatomically correct tip shape. Since he was recently seen in the office, it reminded me to post a quick entry on possibilities when it comes to reconstructing a new nasal tip.

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