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Scheduling Botox Treatments

Botox Appointments

Don’t worry about missing your next Botox or Dysport appointment! For several years now, Dr. Hilinski and his staff have been sending out friendly reminders to all of our Botox and Dysport patients in San Diego.

Currently, we use a system called PatientNow that helps us to keep you informed of when you need to come in for a Botox or Dysport treatment. Patients will typically get a text and/or email reminder sent to them so they can remain up-to-date regarding their next Botox or Dysport office appointment with Dr. Hilinski.

Botox Frequency

A great majority of Botox and Dysport patients need to have repeat treatment done every 3 months on average. With all of us being so busy with our personal lives, we can easily forget that our Botox and Dysport are wearing off after 3 months. By the time you begin to see those pesky wrinkles and unwanted lines coming back, it might be too late to see Dr. Hilinski on short notice as is schedule is usually very packed. In fact, sometimes you won’t be able to get your Botox or Dysport for another month or so – which puts you way behind! Fortunately, our reminder system does all this for you a good month in advance of when you should be back to see Dr. Hilinski – keeping you informed so timing of your Botox or Dysport is always right on!

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