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Natural Looking Botox

Botox Natural Results

The great thing about Botox and Dysport treatment is the simplicity of how both cosmetic treatments can create such natural looking results. Unfortunately, to many people (and doctors!) out there, if you have Botox or Dysport in your forehead your face will be frozen. That is  because so many people think that Botox and Dysport should freeze all of the muscles in your face. Knock on wood, that is NOT the expectation and purpose of Botox and Dysport.

Botox Goals

These two cosmetic, med spa treatments are actually intended to freeze specific muscles in the face so as to prevent unwanted dynamic wrinkles and creases. If done optimally, Botox and Dysport treatments should smooth out the forehead – while still leaving some movement with animation. The real goal of Botox and Dysport is NOT to freeze the face and leave patients looking inanimate. Patients should still look like themselves – just more rejuvenated as a result of the Botox or Dsyport. Here is a quick video showing fantastic results from Botox injection performed by San Diego’s leading Botox injector, Dr. John Hilinski.

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