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How Old Do You Have to Be for Otoplasty?

school-children-deskOtoplasty is one of the few cosmetic surgeries performed on children. The procedure is often considered when parents recognize that their child is embarrassed of having prominent ears as they try to hide them. For example, girls may not want to wear their hair up, and boys may want to keep their hair long.

Ear pinning is most commonly performed on children who are between the ages of five and ten, since their ears will have developed close to their full adult size. By addressing the concern early, boys and girls can avoid being teased by classmates at school that can damage their self-image.

Should a child want to improve the appearance of their ears, it is important to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with otoplasty. Although most plastic surgeons are familiar with the procedure, very few actually have extensive experience performing otoplasty. This is why it is critical to do your research before choosing an otoplasty surgeon. During this visit, the surgeon can determine if the child is a good candidate for the procedure.

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