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Stretched Earlobe Laceration Repair

This is the latest addition to our growing photo gallery of earlobe repair patients. This one would be considered a less dramatic case of gauge earring piercing correction. This young female from San Diego decided to get rid of her gauge earlobe piercings at an earlier stage than many other gauge earring users. Her earlobe defects were obvious but not as extensive as other patients that are seeking repair of the stretched earlobe. Like other patients, hers was repaired under local anesthesia in the office setting with minimal downtime in her schedule. As you can see from the before and after gauge earring repair photos, she now has holes that are closed off with an earlobe that appears quite normal looking. You can also see that I was happy to perform her first piercing after the surgical repair. Of course, we used a small studded earring – but very special ones that were provided to the patient by her mom to celebrate the results of her surgery!

Before and After Gauge Earring Repair (Left)

Before and After Gauge Earring Repair (Right)

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