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Undergoing Primary Tip Open Rhinoplasty in San Diego, CA

This is another example of primary tip open rhinoplasty in a female patient who was from San Diego, CA. This young lady was unhappy with how her nasal tip appeared droopy (ptotic) and was excessively wide. The nose was also asymmetrical (crooked) in terms of the front view. During her consultation with me, we performed digital imaging of her nose using a plastic surgery software program that allows us to visualize what certain changes might look like on her face. She decided to proceed with the surgery, which was done in our own private ambulatory surgery center. I performed an open rhinoplasty to allow optimal exposure and visualization of her nasal tip region. I then lifted her nasal tip and brought it to a more midline position. In the process, I was also able to give her nasal tip a more narrow appearance without looking pinched. I think the final result shows a natural looking nose that is very fitting for her face. In fact, the patient and her family were so happy with the rhinoplasty results that another member of their family just had the same thing done by me!

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