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What Is the Best Age for a Facelift?

woman-40sThe ideal age for you to undergo a facelift will ultimately depend upon your degree of facial aging. However, knowing the average age can help you understand if you may be a good candidate for the procedure. Among the patients who seek Dr. John Hilinski for facelift surgery, the most common age range is the mid to late 50s.

Signs of aging often become more noticeable as people near their late 30s. As you continue to age, the appearance of deep lines, skin folds, and volume loss gradually worsen. It is not uncommon for Dr. Hilinski to perform facelifts on patients in their 40s, though many people don’t need surgical intervention until they reach their 50s.

There is a benefit to undergoing facelift surgery earlier rather than later though. If you prove to be a good candidate for the procedure in your 40s, you can enjoy your results for longer and also benefit from the refreshed appearance during a time that is often important for one’s career. In addition, by addressing facial aging before it has become severe, you can achieve enhanced results and the ability to age more gracefully over time.

Although facelift surgery can provide beautiful, youthful results for many individuals, the procedure is not always the best solution. Some people need less invasive solutions to correct their milder forms of facial aging. Dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic, for example, may be more appropriate for some individuals.

In the end, your health and candidacy is more important than how old you are. There isn’t a specific age that is too young or too advanced for the procedure. If you have been considering a facelift, but aren’t sure if it is right for you, please feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hilinski. By doing so, he can help guide you to the most beneficial solution based on your needs.

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