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Amazing Upper Lip Transformation

Just saw this patient back in the office. She underwent an upper lip lift by Dr. Hilinski nearly 4 years ago. You can see how well she has healed and how little scarring there is under the nose. You can also readily appreciate what beautiful changes the lip lift made for her. She has a shorter upper lip, which translates into much better proportions and balance. She also has more upper lip ‘pink show’ – meaning there is more visible redness to her upper lip now that it has been curled out a bit. This gives the appearance of fuller, plumper lips – but on a permanent basis. Along with this, you can see how her vermillion border and cupid’s bow are more defined. Granted, she has makeup on in her postoperative photo. But even taking this into consideration her whole mouth region looks better as a result of the upper lip lift.

Dr. Hilinski is the most experienced upper lip lift plastic surgeon here in San Diego – and has been performing this transformative procedure for many, many years. In fact, he was doing upper lip lifts long before it became a more en vogue cosmetic lip procedure. That is why so many patients seek him out – even from the Los Angeles and Orange  County area – to have their upper lip and mouth region cosmetically enhanced. Take a look at our online gallery of incredible lip lift results to see the type of outcomes Dr. Hilinski is able to achieve on a regular basis.

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