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Gauge Repair in San Diego

This photo example shows why Dr. Hilinski is considered San Diego’s premiere gauge earring defect repair expert. He has extensive knowledge and experience performing this operation and does so on a very regular basis. In fact, Dr. Hilinski is one of only a few plastic surgeons who has actually published a medical paper on the topic of gauge earring defect correction. Although many plastic surgeons perform this type of cosmetic ear surgery, many do so without being able to create a natural looking earlobe for the patient. This case example here is very representative of Dr. Hilinski’s amazing work in the area of gauge earring repair highlighting his ability to create natural looking earlobes.

Gauge Earring Repair

Shown here are this patient’s photos before surgery – where you can see a fairly extensive defect in the earlobe as a result of the gauge earrings worn for years. The middle photo shows his ear 1 week out from Dr. Hilinski’s correction – where you can still see the slight ridge where the sutures (stitches) were carefully placed. The shine you see in the photo is due to the ointment the patient was applying to the incision to keep it clean. On the right is the ear many months down the road as they have healed over time. What an incredible transformation for this young man as he closes the chapter on his gauge earrings. Once again he has essentially normal looking earlobes with almost no sign of ever having had gauge earrings!

Before Surgery

1 Week Out

Months Later

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