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Great Botox Results in San Diego

Best Botox Results

How does San Diego’s leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Hilinski, get such amazing Botox and Dysport results on a such a consistent basis? First of all, Dr. Hilinski has unparalleled training here in San Diego when it comes to Botox and Dsyport treatments for unwanted wrinkles. He is a Harvard Medical School graduate with double board certification in the field. Dr. Hilinski knows the anatomy of how the face muscles move and work – and applies that advanced knowledge to each and every patient he treats with Botox and Dysport.

But one thing that Dr. Hilinski does – and many other Botox and Dysport clinics do not do – is he creates a digital ‘road map’ of your personalized Botox and/or Dysport treatment during each office visit. In doing so, Dr. Hilinski can maximize your results with Botox and Dysport by being as consistent as possible when he needs to be.

Botox Diagrams

As is shown here in the adjacent digital diagram taken from his electronic medical record system – the exact location of injection and dosage of Botox or Dysport is indicated by each of the colored dots. For example, the green dots may represent 2.5 units of Botox injected in each spot and the blue dots may represent 1.25 units of Botozx injected in each spot.

So when it comes time for your next office visit and treatment, Dr. Hilinski can simply replicate this Botox or Dysport map – or he can change things up to further customize your cosmetic treatment. By maintaining such consistency and detailed documentation, Dr. Hilinski and his staff are able to provide the best results when it comes to Botox and Dysport treatments here in San Diego.

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