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Lower Eyelid Filler Injection

What is Dr. Hilinski’s favorite injectable filler for under the eyes? For many years it was Restylane – as many of you San Diego patients know from having your lower eyelids rejuvenated. Traditional Juvederm was simply too unpredictable when injected under the eyes as a non-surgical lower eyelid lift. That is because Juvederm absorbs a bit more water – resulting in an overly puffy, water-filled look to the lower eyelid region. Therefore, Restylane was Dr. Hilinski’s preference for rejuvenating the lower eyelid-cheek zone.

But as of this past year, Juvederm Vollure has made a huge splash in the world of non-surgical lower eyelid lifts. So many patients come to Dr. Hilinski requesting to have their lower eyelids injected to help address unwanted shadowing and dark circles. This includes more and more San Diego patients in their 20s who have congenital hollowing of the lower eyelid region that makes them look prematurely aged and tired.

Juvederm Vollure is the real deal when it comes to creating beautiful, natural looking lower eyelids with improved volume and contour. That is because Vollure has been engineered specifically to avoid the issue that traditional Juvederm had when it came to lower eyelid filler injection. Now we have a solid, bonafide competitor to Restylane for correction of lower eyelid hollowing, bags and dark circles.

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