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Macrotia Surgery Instant Change

Oto101RtOblPreopDiagMacrotia surgery is a specific type of cosmetic ear reshaping procedure that helps to reduce the size of one’s ear. Ear pinning is a completely different type of cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) that simple pulls the ear closer to the head and is much more commonly performed. Macrotia surgery involves actually making the size of the ear smaller – primarily focusing on reducing the upper half of the ear. This is a great example of a recent macrotia scapha reduction patient of mine showing what her ears looked like prior to the surgery and then what they looked like 10 days following surgery.

To learn more about macrotia ear reduction surgery in San Diego and to see her ongoing recovery, please use this link here to visit our sister site dedicated to ear reduction surgery.

To learn more about other types of otoplasty in San Diego – including ear pinning and scapha ear reduction surgery, visit our other sister site.

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