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Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultation With Skype

Just finished another virtual plastic surgery consultation on Skype this morning with a previous patient on mine from Arizona. This is a patient on mine who had some facial plastic surgery years ago and is looking to have more cosmetic enhancement performed here in San Diego, CA. We have scheduled a tentative date for his surgery but he had some residual questions that he wanted answered prior to flying out. Skype is a great method for us to communicate with one another so that we can be as prepared as possible upon his arrival here in town. I am able to see him fairly clearly and visualize the areas of concern regarding his face. Having operated on him before, I was already familiar with his facial structure and the changes that had been made previously. He has a fantastic outcome from my previous facial plastic surgery with him. He simply wanted more contouring of the face for further cosmetic improvement. This particular patient is scheduled to have buccal fat pad removal and micro-liposuction of the face, but the Skype consultation works beautifully for other cosmetic facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelift, chin implant, eyelid lift, ear pinning and more. Despite a little technical glitch, the consultation went well. Just a reminder for any of you cosmetic surgery patients from out of San Diego who wish to have a more personalized virtual plastic surgery consultation, call our office at 619-296-3223 to schedule your Skype consultation today.

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