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Scapha Reduction Macrotia Surgery

MacrotiaScaphaReductionLBAHere is another example of one of my patients who underwent scapha reduction, or macrotia, ear surgery. This is a very rare type of surgery currently only performed by less than a handful of plastic surgeons – but one that I perform on a fairly regular basis. Although this is often discussed as being part of otoplasty surgery – it is quite different than doing ear pinning surgery.  There are quite a few plastic surgeons who offer otoplasty surgery here in San Diego – but barely any that know about scapha ear reduction surgery.

This patient was bothered by how the upper portion of his ear was shaped. He felt as if the ear was too large because of what is termed the scapha region.

MacrotiaScaphaReductionPatternThe scapha is the flatter portion of the ear that comprises the top 1/3 to 1/4 of the entire ear. This is indicated by the red crescent shadowing in the adjacent photo. When this is over developed – the ear can look too large for the patient. Some people refer to this as scapha enlargement. Others call it macrotia. And still others refer to this as a shell ear deformity.

Fortunately, there is a surgery that can help make the ears smaller in size – which is something that traditional otoplasty just doesn’t do for patients.

To learn more about this highly specialized otoplasty-type procedure offered by our San Diego office – use the following links below to visit our sister websites dedicated to this type of cosmetic ear surgery.

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