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Youngest Age for Rhinoplasty in San Diego, CA

What is the youngest age when it comes to performing cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery in San Diego, CA? In general, the youngest age for female patients is around 16-17 years old and for males around 17-18 years old. These age ranges are chosen because it is around that point in their development that growth of the nose (inside and out) has begun to stabilize. Because of this, surgical reshaping of the nose can be undertaken through rhinoplasty surgery without a significant risk of disrupting the normal growth pattern. That being said, I have performed rhinoplasty surgery on female patients as young as 15 years old in certain situations. For instance, a young female patient who was only 15 years old had seen me for rhinoplasty reconstruction of the nose because she wanted to have a smaller looking nose. In a scenario such as this where we would be attempting to make the nose smaller, the risk of disrupting further growth of the nose is not as much of a concern. Her rhinoplasty was performed with excellent results that look very natural for her face. But as a rule of thumb, you can consider those age ranges noted above as a guideline for consideration of rhinoplasty surgery in your teens.

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