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The Truth Behind Rhinoplasty Photos

woman-smile-beachA photo gallery can be a great resource when determining the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you. Under the best circumstances, these photographs can give you an idea of the skill, experience, and artistic eye of the plastic surgeon. However, Dr. John Hilinski offers a couple tips to keep in mind when viewing these galleries to make sure you are looking at a true representation of the surgeon’s work.

Dr. Hilinski highlights that many of these photo galleries for rhinoplasty procedures show the results of the surgery just two or three months afterward. In addition, many of these photos are taken from a single angle, such as the side view, which does not exhibit the full extent of the changes made to the size and shape of the nose. For example, many surgeons will show before and after side views of a hump being taken down. But in many instances, they do not show the front view of that same nose. The front view changes as well – even with hump reduction rhinoplasty. So you have to ask yourself – why do they not include the frontal view? The reason is likely because something does not look right with that nose when viewed from the front. If the nose looked better, why not show the frontal view? The real reason has to do with the fact that getting the front view of the nose correct is one of the most challenging aspects of rhinoplasty surgery. While most patients feel comfortable returning to their daily routines about a week after surgery, the final results of a rhinoplasty are often not fully visible until nine to twelve months later. At this time the body is usually fully healed and all residual swelling has receded, leaving you with a more contoured, beautifully shaped nose. Ask your plastic surgeon for photos from multiple angles and photos that are taken up to one year later for a more truthful view of the surgeon’s results.

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