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Ear Pinning Expert

Who does more otoplasty, or ear pinning, than any other facial plastic surgeon in San Diego? Our guess is that Dr. John Hilinski performs ear pinning surgery more frequently than all other plastic surgeons here in town. If you look, for example, at his online photo gallery of otoplasty results, you will find that Dr. Hilinski has more real-life examples of ear pinning compared with most doctors in San Diego.

Here is just one of those phenomenal results. This young lady presented with a chief complaint of having ears that were simply too prominent for her face. When Dr. Hilinski examined her, he quickly noted that her ears just stuck out too far from the side of her head. Although Dr. Hilinski also performs a lot of macrotia ear reduction surgery, that was not the issue in this particular patient. She was recommended to undergo cosmetic ear pinning so that her ears could be folded back – and in the process become less obvious.

The otoplasty was done under straight local anesthesia – meaning, just an injection of numbing medication so that she could not feel any pain. Going from behind the ears, Dr. Hilinski was able to pin the ears back closer to the side of the head. The whole surgery took about 2 hours. She was instructed to wear a bandage for about 4-5 days continuously and then was recommended to wear an athletic sweatband at night for about 6 weeks.

Her actual surgical results are shown below – which visually demonstrate a beautiful and natural looking otoplasty outcome. Her ears are now clearly much closer to the side of her head and no longer stick out excessively. Yet, she looks like she could have been born this way – with ears that are smaller looking and less prominent. If you have ears that stick out too far and you desire cosmetic ear surgery – contact one of San Diego’s best ear pinning experts – Dr. John Hilinski – right now!

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