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Pinning Effect of Ear Reduction

Here is a great 2 minute video that shows how Dr. Hilinski can make the ear look pinned back using macrotia ear reduction surgery technique. So many patients who have excessively big ears end up undergoing traditional otoplasty surgery, or ear pinning. Unfortunately, many of these patients end up in our office still unhappy with their excessively large ears. That is because ear pinning can help make the ear look a little less prominent from the front view because they don’t stick out as much. But the fact of the matter is the ear is still quite large in overall size from top to bottom and front to back. When the patient turns their head to the side, the large size is readily seen – and contributes to the patient being persistently self-conscious about their ears.

One of the beautiful things about Dr. Hilinski’s macrotia ear reduction surgery is that he can effectively pin the ear back closer to the side of the head while also shrinking a large ear down in size from top to bottom. This idea is shown visually in the attached video that highlights one of the main concepts of ear reduction surgery. This includes an actual ear reduction patient of Dr. Hilinski before and after macrotia surgery – where you can see a fairly dramatic reduction in the size of his ears. When looking at the transformation, pay particular attention to how the top portion of the ear now looks like it was also pinned back – without using traditional otoplasty technique.

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