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Short and Long-term Ear Pinning Results in San Diego, CA

Dr. Hilinski would like to present the short and long-term follow-up results of an ear pinning patient from San Diego, CA. This attractive female patient underwent otoplasty, or ear pinning, surgery to address her overly prominent ears. As you can see, her ears were somewhat different from right to left, which is more the rule than the exception when it comes to otoplasty patients. Dr. Hilinski performed the cosmetic ear reshaping surgery from behind the ears so that any scarring would be minimized in terms of visible appearance. The following is a photo series showing the patient before otoplasty (A), one week following otoplasty (B), 4 weeks after otoplasty (C), and then 5 months after otoplasty (D). The last photo is very indicative of a long-term result following ear pinning surgery. As you can see, her one week post-otoplasty photos show the ears to be over-corrected as would be expected for this stage of the recovery process. As the following 4 weeks unfolded, the ears began to take more of the proper shape and position. And as the 5 month mark came around, you can appreciate that she has a very stable cosmetic otoplasty result. Comparing the before and 5 month after otoplasty photos in particular, you can see that she has a very obvious improvement in the cosmetic appearance of her ears. They are now set in closer to her head and are much more symmetric than before. If you have been considering ear pinning surgery here in San Diego, CA and have wondered what the healing process might be like, this case example gives you a nice visual on what you can possibly expect. Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation for cosmetic ear pinning surgery.





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