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Another Very Happy San Diego Otoplasty Patient!

Dr. John Hilinski, board certified facial plastic surgeon, presents another very happy ear pinning, or otoplasty, patient from San Diego, CA. This young male desired to have his ears pinned back because they were overly prominent for his liking. Like many otoplasty patients, his ears were asymmetrically enlarged with his left ear sticking out further than his right. Dr. Hilinski recommended ear pinning under just local anesthesia and an oral sedative pill in our own Hilinski Ambulatory Surgery Center. The procedure took about an hour to complete with minimal discomfort to the patient. Both ears were able to be reshaped from behind, leaving essentially no visible scarring. As you can see from hisbefore and after ear pinning photos shown below, there is an obvious esthetic improvement in the shape and position of his ears. And most importantly, he doesn’t look as if he had cosmetic ear surgery! The patient is extremely happy with the cosmetic ear reshaping results and is no longer preoccupied with the appearance of his ears. To see one of the largest ear pinning, or otoplasty, photo galleries in all of San Diego, use this link here. To learn more about ear pinning and otoplasty surgery visit our online discussion of cosmetic ear surgery and our online patient primer for otoplasty.

Before and After Cosmetic Ear Pinning

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