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Hand Rejuvenation

Many patients don’t realize how much their hands will age them. But the reality is that your hands can be an obvious tell-tale sign of aging. In most instances, patients notice how the back of their hands begins to look almost skeletal-like. This is largely due to a loss of volume in between the tendons on the backside of the hand. As this volume loss gets worse, the back of the hand starts to appear prematurely aged – as if they belong on someone who is much, much older.

Fortunately, we can help with a quick office-based procedure that can rejuvenate your aged hands within minutes. Here is a fantastic example of this medical spa treatment that was performed by Dr. Hilinski. This patient was in her late 60s and was bothered by the fact that her hands aged her. She was a ballroom dancer and was feeling self-conscious about having her hands exposed on her younger partners’ shoulders. When she found out we had a simple treatment option for her, she jumped at the opportunity to have Radiesse filler injected into the back of her hands.

Radiesse is one of only two FDA-approved injectable fillers that can be used to rejuvenate the back of the hands as an anti-aging treatment. In this case, Dr. Hilinski used a couple of syringes of Radiesse to fill in the shallows in between the various tendinous structures on the back of her hand. During the treatment, the Radiesse is then molded by Dr. Hilinski to help it blend smoothly and evenly across the hand. Within just a few minutes, the hands of time are turned back on the hands of the patient! In many cases, Radiesse can make the hands look a good 10 years younger.

See for yourself here in this patient’s before and after photo – which shows how incredibly effective Radiesse hand injection can be in reversing the signs of aging. If you don’t like how your hands are aging and are looking for an office-based treatment, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our medical spa experts.

Radiesse Hand Treatment

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