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San Diego Plastic Surgery Expert in Revision Rhinoplasty Nostril Reshaping

One of the more common reasons for patients seeking revision rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose reshaping, is for issues related to nostril asymmetry. For example, the San Diego rhinoplasty patient highlighted below had a prior nose job by a different plastic surgeon prior to consulting with our office. She consulted with us because of our reputation here in San Diego as a regional referral expert in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Nostril Asymmetry

Her main issue was the fact her right nostril (see arrow) was still asymmetrically shaped versus her left side following the first rhinoplasty surgery she had done elsewhere. On close inspection of her nose during our rhinoplasty consultation, her right nostril almost appeared notched, or scarred upward. As I have posted before in previous blogs, nostril asymmetry can be tolerated if it can be only seen when looking at the nose from below. However, if it is really obvious when looking at the nose from the frontal view, as in this rhinoplasty patient, then revision rhinoplasty surgery may be warranted. In this rhinoplasty patient, she elected to opt for revision surgery in the form of an open procedure to further reshape the tip of the nose.

Before and After San Diego Revision Rhinoplasty

As you can see in the following before and after revision rhinoplasty photos, I was able to reshape her nose to provide her with much more symmetry when seen on this frontal view. She was quite happy she elected to undergo another nosejob surgery and is even happier that she does not need any further cosmetic reshaping of the nose. You can even see a little smile shining through!

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