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Finesse Female Rhinoplasty in San Diego

This is a great example of a finesse rhinoplasty procedure that we recently saw back in the office for a follow-up appointment. This young San Diego patient came in with a desire to have a nose job because she felt as if her nose was too wide and looked too big for her face. We discussed with her at length the potential benefits of a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure to reshape her nose. Specifically, we talked about bringing her bridge height down while narrowing the nasal bones and tip region. She was fairly concerned, like many potential rhinoplasty patients, about maintaining a natural look following nasal reshaping. I outlined for her a surgical plan to help improve the esthetic appearance of her nose largely based on a finesse approach – meaning, doing a few millimeters here and there in certain rhinoplasty patients can translate into a very nice improvement while preserving the overall look of the nose. In the before and after rhinoplasty photos shown below, you can appreciate the changes that are seen in her nose following the finesse nose job. Her front view shows a more narrow bridge and tip without looking fake or surgically done. On the oblique view you can appreciate the finesse changes to her tip shape and bridge height while maintaining a natural curvature from the radix down to the nasal tip. The same can be said on the lateral view of the nose. And on her base view, you can see how her new nasal tip shape looks more triangular following the rhinoplasty procedure. And also keep in mind that this particular rhinoplasty patient had fairly thin skin, making the operation much more difficult overall. If you are considering a finesse rhinoplasty procedure to improve your nasal appearance, contact our San Diego office today – trust your nose to a rhinoplasty specialist.

Before & After San Diego Rhinoplasty

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