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Rhinoplasty Imaging Versus Real Life Results

Many nosejob patients from San Diego and beyond inquire about digital imaging that can be done to simulate potential rhinoplasty outcomes. This particular San Diego nosejob patient is a great example of how computer imaging can be used to help guide the rhinoplasty surgery and nasal reshaping process. This ethnic male nosejob patient from San Diego desired to have his nose reshaped to address a nasal bridge that was wider than desired. He also wanted the bridge smoothed out and the nasal tip refined while the nasal base was narrowed. I performed computer imaging of his nose using a specialized software program that facial plastic surgeons commonly use to show patients potential results. In this patient, you can see his preoperative frontal view below left and the computer enhanced photo in the middle. This represented what would be envisioned following the nosejob procedure. This included narrowing of the nasal bridge, smoothing of the dorsum, refinement of the nasal tip and narrowing of the nasal base. As you can see from the real life nosejob result shown below right, you can see how similar his computer enhanced photo is when compared to the actual nosejob outcome.

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