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Rhinoplasty Correction – Crooked Nose Deformity

Just saw this very nice young lady back in the office today following a closed rhinoplasty procedure. She is good example of correction of a crooked nose deformity using rhinoplasty technique. She was most unhappy with the frontal appearance of her nose. As you can see in her preoperative photo below left, she has an obvious crooked nose deformity. We performed a closed rhinoplasty procedure on her to reshape the nose. The rhinoplasty procedure included breaking her nasal bones to reposition them in a more midline orientation. You can see in the rhinoplasty diagram below where the bone was actually broken (as indicated by the red curved lines – termed medial and lateral osteotomies). Once her nose was repositioned more to the middle of her face, she still had a slight asymmetry where her left middle bridge region was depressed. This is actually quite common in correction of crooked nose deformities. You can straighten the nasal bones and provide improvement in the alignment of the bridge but there may still be some contour abnormalities that need to be addressed. In this case, we performed cartilage grafting of her left side as indicated by the blue shaded area. This corresponds to an onlay cartilage graft that was taken from her septum (inside the nose) and grafted onto the left bridge. This thereby provided even more symmetry on her frontal view. As you can see in her rhinoplasty photo series, there is a marked improvement in terms of her frontal nose alignment with a very nice natural looking result.

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