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It’s not too late to still get that summer body! Especially in San Diego where the sun is out most of the year. Take a close look at these amazing Coolsculpting results courtesy of the medical spa staff of Dr. John Hilinski. This young lady wanted to tone up and get rid of some extra fat, which was resistant to regular exercise and a healthy diet. As a past patient of our office, she entrusted the team of Coolsculpting specialists that Dr. Hilinski has built to help patients just like her. Like so many patients considering Coolsculpting, her first choice was to have something done without all the risks of surgery – nor the recovery involved with liposuction and lipocontouring.

Want a Flatter Tummy?

Her main concern – which is one of the most common complaints amongst our patients – was the excess fat around the tummy region. What we are really talking about is the area circumferentially around the belly button – or the umbilicus as it is officially known to plastic surgeons. She, by no means, was considered overweight, but she did desire to be a bit more toned with a flatter stomach. And although a steady diet and vigorous exercise can help many patients, there is a good percentage of people who simply won’t get their tummy any flatter without additional help.

This is where the world’s #1 fat freezing technology – Coolsculpting – comes in to save the day. Undergoing surgical liposuction is definitely an option – and one that a lot of people ultimately choose to have done. But what if you don’t want surgery? What if the thought of making scars around the tummy is not something you are willing to do at this point? Fortunately, Coolsculpting is entirely non-surgical and can help patients achieve cosmetic results that can rival what they might see with surgical lipo-contouring. And this is done without making any cuts – so no scarring. And there is essentially no downtime associated with fat freezing.

It will take a few weeks to months in order for you to start seeing a flatter tummy from Coolsculpting. And the results usually get better over the following 3-4 months.

In many cases, our patients elect to have a second or even third Coolsculpting treatment done in order to get an even flatter tummy.

Coolsculpting Results

So what about this patient’s Coolsculpting results? Here they are below! You can now see – especially on her oblique views – just how much reduction in fat was accomplished with Coolsculpting. And these results are after just a single treatment session. Her tummy is now much flatter – which is easily appreciated in just two dimensions on her frontal view. And when you start to turn her to the side, you can readily see a beautiful new figure with a more toned abdomen region. Imagine what she would look like if she had 1-2 more fat freezing sessions.

Coolsculpting in San Diego

Do you have unwanted tummy fat? Do you want a more toned, flatter abdomen region? Don’t want surgical liposuction? Call the office of Dr. John Hilinski today to consult with San Diego’s #1 Coolsculpting team.

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