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Got excess tummy fat? Have a little belly pooch that you can’t get rid of with diet and exercise? Afraid of having body liposuction? We have the best non-surgical answer for you – Coolsculpting!

Just take a look at these amazing results of this younger patient who wanted some help getting a flatter, more toned tummy. Like so many of our San Diego patients, she was bothered by her belly pooch, which was reflective of excess, unwanted fat around the abdomen. Although liposuction was an option for her, a surgical procedure along with its attendant risks (scarring, recovery etc) was just not in the cards. Looking for other options, she discovered that Coolsculpting could possibly get her the results she wanted without making any incisions and without any downtime. Eventually, she was referred to Dr. Hilinski’s office and his top-notch team of Coolsculpting experts.

She elected to have the tummy fat frozen during an office-based treatment session where she literally relaxed while talking with family and friends. A mere 45 minutes later and her Coolsculpting was complete. Like all patients, she was able to get into her car and drive home.

As the days and weeks went on, she began to notice the effects of Coolsculpting as her frozen fat was gradually dissolved away by the body. Within 3-4 weeks, you could readily appreciate an obvious change in her tummy contour.

The results shown here are only 1 month out from a single session of Coolsculpting around the tummy. That’s right, these incredible Coolsculpting results were attained after just one (1) treatment session! Can you see any scars? Of course not! That’s because Coolsculpting is entirely non-surgical. You can only imagine what type of cosmetic improvement she would see in her mid section with additional Coolsculpting sessions!

Coolsculpting Transformation

Coolsculpting in San Diego

If you are looking to reduce your belly pooch and don’t wish to have surgical liposuction, reach out to San Diego’s #1 office for Coolsculpting treatment – the medical spa of Dr. John Hilinski.

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