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Thigh Fat Reduction

Do you have unwanted lateral thigh fat? This unwanted bulge is also commonly called a saddle bag since it creates a silhouette mimicking this when seen from the front or back view. Despite a dedicated exercise regimen in combination with a healthy diet, these pesky saddle bags along the lateral thigh can be quite difficult to get rid of for many patients. Can you have liposuction to get rid of this excess thigh fat? You could. But you have to be ready for an actual surgical procedure – along with the attendant scars, risks and recovery. That is where Coolsculpting should be next on your mind as the best non-surgical alternative to contour the lateral thigh fat.

Coolsculpting allows for the excessive fat to be frozen away without surgery, without needles and without any downtime or recovery. Yes, that is right. You can drive to the office, have your treatment done and then drive home. In fact, because Dr. Hilinski has two Coolsculpting machines, his expert staff are able to perform ‘dual sculpting’ on your thigh fat. That means each thigh can be treated at the same time – which means your fat freezing session will take half as long as offices that don’t offer dual sculpting. In real time, that translates into about 45 minutes of actual Coolsculpting.

Saddle Bag Coolsculpting Before and After

Shown here is a classic case example of what the Coolsculpting fat reduction system can do for your outer thigh fat. This lady from San Diego was bothered by the excess contour seen along the outer thigh region as a result of unwanted fat accumulation. This is precisely what we are referring to when we mention saddle bag thigh fat. After doing her own online research, she found out that Coolsculpting was a wonderful non-surgical, office-based procedure to help with her problem thighs. She decided to proceed and underwent dual sculpting, which was performed by Dr. Hilinski’s certified Coolsculpting specialists. Results shown here are just a few months out from her treatment. As you can see, there has been a really nice improvement in the contour of her outer thigh. Following  the treatment, she no longer has the extra bulge of fat that created the saddle bag deformity. Now her lateral thigh is slimmer with an overall better shape. And this result here is after just one (1) session of Coolsculpting! You can imagine how much better her thighs could potentially be if she elected to do more fat freezing in the future.

Coolsculpting Consult for Thigh Fat

Remember, summer is going to be here before you realize it! And if you have some saddle bags that are making you afraid to get into your favorite bathing suit, call our San Diego office today to schedule your Coolsculpting thigh treatment!

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