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Volume Is A Sign of Youth

See why Sculptra has become one of the most popular non-surgical treatments in San Diego for facial rejuvenation. We have a common saying in the plastic surgery world – volume is a sign of youth. That is because as we age, one of the first things to happen is volume loss in certain areas of the face. In fact, Dr. Hilinski talks about the aging process as a deflating balloon. As time marches on, our face starts to fall. But in addition to tissues falling down, our face starts to lose volume as well – just as a deflating balloon does. The latter process is something that tends to happen earlier on in life – which prompts so many young to middle-age patients to look in the mirror and see the aging process approaching. As this volume loss progresses, we tend to see more signs of aging. That is precisely why we say that volume is a sign of youth!

Fight Aging with Volume Restoration

So what can you do about this loss of volume as it relates to aging? One of the most common treatments is a filler – such as Juvederm or Restylane – to refill the face. But most of these injectable treatments will only give you about 1 year of cosmetic facial enhancement. Sculptra, in comparison, will last you about twice as long. Yes, that is right. Sculptra injections in the face will typically give you results that persist upwards of 2 years in duration. That is a really nice alternative option when it comes to restoring lost facial volume.

Sculptra does what Dr. Hilinski often talks about is ‘regional’ volume restoration. What this means is that Sculptra is not intended to target a few select lines or wrinkles. Instead, it’s purpose is to rejuvenate volume deficient areas of the face by region. So, for example, if your cheeks have deflated over time and you are looking to get back some degree of cheek definition, Sculptra would be a great choice to regionally volumize this  area of the face. Or if your temples have hollowed out due to aging, Sculptra would be a wonderful option to fill out the depressed area and get rid of the unwanted shadowing.

Top Sculptra Injection Sites

Here is a list of the top places Dr. Hilinski and his medical spa staff utilize Sculptra cosmetic:

  1. Cheek enhancement to give a more heart-shaped face (instead of cheek implants)
  2. Temporal injection for hollowing of the temples
  3. Jawline enhancement to create more definition between the jaw and the neck

Sculptra Case Discussion

Here is a great case example of what Sculptra cosmetic injection can do for your face. This middle-aged lady from San Diego has taken good care of her skin and face over the years. However, one thing that was difficult to fight off was the loss of volume from the aging process.

As you look at her photo provided her, you don’t see it immediately. But as you study her face, you can begin to appreciate certain areas where she has lost volume that could benefit from replenishment. This includes both of her temples as well as the cheeks. She was bothered by this enough to consider undergoing Sculptra cosmetic injections by Dr. Hilinski’s medical spa staff.

Dr. Hilinski recommended several vials of Sculptra to replenish the lost volume. He started off with injection into the temple areas then transitioned into augmentation of the cheeks. Additionally, the mid to lower face was injected to blend the volumization process.

Unlike traditional ‘fillers’ used in most medical spas, the results of Sculptra weren’t apparent after a few days. During the actual Sculptra treatment session, her face plumped out where the Sculptra was placed. This sort of ‘preview’ stage will last about 3 days in most patients before the visible effects disappear. Over the following 6-8 weeks, the face gradually plumps out and volumizes as the body forms collagen around the Sculptra that was injected. This is when you really begin to the cosmetic benefits of the Sculptra treatment.

Sculptra Results

Here are the results of her Sculptra cosmetic injection treatment. As you will note, she just looks more rested and youthful. That is because volume has been properly restored thanks to the Sculptra. You can’t really pick out specific areas of her face where the volumizer was injected. It is just a gestalt impression that she looks more refreshed from having volume added back into her face. She just looks better in the after photo – and that is precisely the impression that you want when someone looks at you after having a cosmetic medical spa treatment – that you just look better than before.

Knowing where the Sculptra was injected, you can look more closely at her temples and cheeks to really see the bigger changes that have occurred as a result of treatment. These areas are now fuller with better light reflexes – which is often times what volume helps to do in the face region. More importantly, she still looks quite natural – just a better version of herself. And this is all due to adding volume back into the face with Sculptra. As we have said before, volume is a sign of youth!

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