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Pediatric Ear Pinning in San Diego, CA by Dr. Hilinski

Dr. John Hilinski has extensive experience in ear pinning and otoplasty surgery to help cosmetically improve the appearance of prominent ears. This includes vast knowledge of pediatric ear pinning, or otoplasty for children. This particular patient is a great example of ear pinning in children. He is a young boy who had concerns with prominent ears and desired to have them reshaped to make the ears look smaller and more proportional for his face. Dr. Hilinski performed the ear pinning operation under intravenous sedation, which is sometimes referred to as a twilight anesthetic. This is one aspect of otoplasty in children that is different from ear pinning in the adult population. Young children like this patient require a little more sedation to be kept comfortable during the operation. This is usually simply a matter of controlling their anxiety more than their pain. Intravenous sedation for children undergoing otoplasty surgery is quite common and, in fact, the norm in our practice. This patient had the cosmetic ear reshaping without any issues and tolerated the procedure and anesthesia beautifully. Following surgery he did great with little downtime. To view his full series of photos before and after pediatric ear pinning, please use this link here. To learn more about pediatric otoplasty in San Diego, feel free to browse our otoplasty procedure discussion and/or our online ear pinning tutorial.

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