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New Case of The Over Projected Nasal Tip

Management of the over-projected nasal tip is one of the more challenging types of cosmetic nose reshaping. This is a good example of this type of nosejob procedure where the tip of the nose is brought back closer to the face. In this particular case, the nasal tip stuck out too far from the plane of the face, disrupting theharmony and balance of the nose. The goal of the nasal reshaping surgery was to bring the tip in closer, thus making the entire nose smaller but more proportional for her face. This is called deprojection in rhinoplastyterminology. As you can in her before and after photos, there has been a dramatic change to the shape of her nose as seen on side view. On frontal view of the nose, however, there has been much less change since the primary alteration was more front to back rather than side to side. She still has some degree of mild swelling in her tip and bridge in these photos, which should continue to improve as the months of healing go on. From the side and oblique (angled) views, you can see a rather obvious improvement in the balance and harmony of her nose. The nasal tip has now been deprojected and is in much more harmony with the surrounding facial features. In fact, this type of rhinoplasty surgery has really enhanced her inherently beautiful facial features. To learn more about deprojection of the nasal tip, use this link here to see our San Diego Rhinoplasty topic discussion page.

Before and After Tip Deprojection

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