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Female Middle Eastern Cosmetic Nose Surgery

This is a female Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patient who sought out an expert rhinoplasty surgeon to reshape her nose. Her main issues involve the nasal tip and columella region. More specifically, this particular patient had what is called a hanging columella. This means that the area in between the nostrils hung down too low – giving the appearance that it was drooping off of the nasal tip region. In addition, her nasal tip was poorly positioned. Furthermore, her nasal bridge had a bump, or hump, deformity that she disliked. I ended up performing a rhinoplasty procedure to reshape her nose. Careful thought and planning was required above and beyond your average rhinoplasty surgery. This is because I was dealing with an ethnic rhinoplasty patient who has a Middle Eastern heritage. In these situations, plastic surgeons must be even more careful to create a final result that is natural appearing and balanced with the face. As you can see in the following before and after ethnic rhinoplasty photos, her cosmetic surgery result reveals a nose that is in harmony with the face – and one that looks like it belongs on an Middle Eastern ethnic face.

Before and After Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Before and After Female Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Consult

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