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Earlobe Reduction Surgery

Take a look at this patient's earlobes that were reduced in size. This patient came to me desiring to have a more normal sized earlobe. Ultimately, I performed a cosmetic reduction procedure to remove the excess earlobe tissue. In the end, he was given a much more natural looking earlobe that was considerably smaller than the original size. And if you look real closely, you might be able to see where I made the cuts.... Continue Reading

The Hilinski Foundation for Surgery

Stay tuned tomorrow night (Friday, Nov. 21st) to Channel 10 News at 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm when this little guy, Brian, from San Diego will be featured following recent facial plastic surgery to reshape his ears. I am very proud to say that our own Hilinski Foundation for Surgery was able to offer the services to him free of charge as part of our mission to provide charitable facial plastic surgery to deserving youth in... Continue Reading

Large Gauge Earlobe Defect

Over the past several years, my practice has seen a huge increase in the number of patients seeking corrective plastic surgery for gauge earring defects. These patients have all had prior piercings with use of gauges that have stretched the earlobes to a variable degree. Once they stop using the gauges, the earlobes are left with a rather sizable defect. Correction of this type of earlobe abnormality requires very delicate plastic surgery performed by someone... Continue Reading

Appearance 1 Day After Otoplasty

Many ear pinning patients wonder what the ears may look like in the early healing process after otoplasty surgery. So I decided to post this blog to give those a visual idea of what to expect in the average case. As I discuss with all my cosmetic ear pinning patients, the ears will appear overcorrected initially. I overcorrect the ear pinning because the ears have a certain amount of cartilage memory - where they want... Continue Reading

Macrotia Ear Plastic Surgery to Actually Make an Ear Smaller

Learn how I can actually make your ear smaller using scapha reduction technique for macrotia - also known as excessively large ears. This type of ear plastic surgery is much different from ear pinning surgery, which is intended to simply pull the ears back closer to the surface of the head. Macrotia ear plastic surgery is aspecialized type of otoplasty surgery with the goal of cutting out part of the ear to make it smaller.... Continue Reading

Suture Reshaping of the Ear

Learn more about suture reshaping of the ear in this latest addition to our otoplasty discussion page. This case example focuses on use of Mustarde suture technique - a specific method that can be used to cosmetically reshape the overly prominent ear in otoplasty patients. See for yourself why our office has become a regional referral center for plastic surgery of the ear.
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Cosmetic Ear Reshaping Otoplasty Incision Placement

During many of my otoplasty (cosmetic ear reshaping) consultations in my San Diego, CA office, patients commonly ask about the incision placement. Obviously, one of the concerns when undergoing cosmetic ear surgery is the visibility of scarring. Fortunately, I happen to use an otoplasty technique where my incisions are kept essentially entirely behind the ear. I do this specifically so that I can hide the ear incisions and scars from being visible. The photos here... Continue Reading
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Dr. John Hilinski Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Surgery

Recently, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) released statistics revealing that 30,358 otoplasty procedures were performed across the United States in 2012, making ear surgery the 10th most popular cosmetic surgery performed last year. In light of the procedure’s popularity, we sat down with our double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski, to learn a bit more about cosmetic ear surgery at our San Diego facial plastic surgery practice. Below are Dr. Hilinski’s... Continue Reading

Expert Ear Pinning Otoplasty Surgery

This very pleasant young man was just seen in follow-up today following ear pinning surgery to correct overly prominent ears. As you can see from his before photos, his ears were developed such that they stuck out too far from the side of the head. In fact, his ears nearly stuck out at a 90 degree angle creating unwanted attention. His parents elected to have him undergo cosmetic otoplasty, or ear pinning, surgery to correct... Continue Reading

Another Gauge Piercing Repair

This is another great example of what gauge earring (gauge piercing) repair surgery can look like. This patient from San Diego, CA desired to have her gauge piercings repaired to make the earlobe appear more natural looking. I performed her surgery under local anesthesia, which took about 1.5 hours altogether. She had minimal discomfort following the gauge earring correction. These photos represent her surgical results at only one week out from surgery. I provide these... Continue Reading
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Limited Otoplasty for Keloid Scarring of Ear in San Diego, CA

This case example highlights a very common problem that is seen in our office - keloid scarring of the ear following piercing. This particular female from San Diego sought out our services because she developed a very unsightly scar on her ear after piercing it several years ago. This type of scarring is referred to as a keloid scar since the excess, hard tissue that developed began to overgrow the area. As you can imagine,... Continue Reading
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Gauge Earring Repair Updates

With an increasing number of patients requesting repair of gauged earring holes, we have just added a new page to our growing plastic surgery website that focuses on the nuances of how the earlobe is repaired following gauge piercings. We hope this proves helpful to those prospective patients out there who are considering surgical closure of a gauged earlobe hole.
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Gauge Earring Repair – Torn Earlobe Repair in San Diego, CA

We are now seeing an increasing number of patients coming to our practice for repair of their gauge earring defects involving their earlobes. This is yet another example of a patient who previously had gauges in his ear and decided to stop wearing them. Unfortunately, like many patients out there, the remaining hole, or defect, in the earlobe was still quite visible. As you can see in the photos provided here, the hole can be... Continue Reading

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