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Neck Lift

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Neck Liposuction in San Diego by Dr. John Hilinski

This is another great example of how neck liposuction can help provide improved definition along the upper neck region in patients from San Diego, CA. This female patient consulted with Dr. Hilinski because of his expertise in providing superior cosmetic results in the face and neck region. Her main desire was to look more rejuvenated by creating improved definition under the chin and along the upper neck region. Many neck liposuction patients often times describe... Continue Reading
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Double Chin Liposuction in San Diego, CA by Dr. Hilinski

Many patients seek out plastic surgery of the neck because of what is often times referred to as a double chin deformity. A double chin simply refers to an excess prominence or fullness underneath the chin due to unwanted fat. This is visually demonstrated in the adjacent photo diagram of an actual patient. As you can see, her normal chin contour is outlined in red. Her 'double chin' refers to the second prominence seen just... Continue Reading
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Does My Neck Get Lifted With A Facelift?

Over the past several weeks we have consulted with a number of San Diego patients seeking to have cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of the lower face and upper neck region. A good percentage of these patients have asked what the difference is between having a lower facelift and an upper neck lift.  Because this inquiry has arisen during many of these consultations, I thought it would be helpful to post my answer here... Continue Reading
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Neck Lifting Using Liposuction, Platysmaplasty and Chin Implant

This is a great case example of how to perform a neck lift on a patient using a combined surgical approach. This particular male patient from San Diego, CA desired a more defined neck line. On examination he was found to have evidence of excess fat under the chin as well as a poorly shaped muscle, called the platysma muscle. Furthermore, he had less chin prominence than average. We discussed the various options available to... Continue Reading
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Facial Appearance 10 Days After Facelift Necklift in San Diego, CA

Many patients inquire about their short-term appearance following a facelift/necklift procedure. This case example demonstrates what most patients look like at 10 days out from a lower facelift and upper neck lift procedure. This middle-aged female from San Diego, CA desired rejuvenation of her lower face and upper neck due to unwanted sagging skin that was making her look prematurely aged. She consulted with us and was recommended to have a lower facelift combined with... Continue Reading
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Neck Liposuction & Platysmaplasty For Improved Jawline Definition

Liposuction is one of the most common procedures we perform at The Hilinski Clinic of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in San Diego, CA. In a great majority of cases, liposuctioning is performed along the upper neck region to help create a more rejuvenated facial appearance. In many of these facial plastic surgery patients, the platysma muscle is also tightened to provide even further enhancement. The following is one of our own San Diego facial plastic... Continue Reading
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Anatomy of a Female Facelift Necklift Patient in San Diego

This is a very pleasant lady who underwent a lower facelift and upper necklift procedure in our San Diego facial plastic surgery office. She presented to our demonstrating excess sagging neck skin. As with many facelift and necklift candidates, there was a notable amount of excess fatty tissue underneath the skin that contributed to the problem. In these patients, you cannot, unfortunately, just liposuction the neck. If you do so and remove the unwanted extra... Continue Reading
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Plastic Surgery Skype Consult

Virtual plastic surgery consultations are becoming increasingly popular as the world becomings smaller and smaller thanks to the world wide web. For those plastic surgery patients outside of San Diego, we have been offering Skype consultations online. This includes several plastic surgery patients that live in outside countries. Many of these cosmetic surgery candidates discovered our San Diego plastic surgery practice while doing online research for their desired facial enhancement procedure. This includes patients seeking... Continue Reading
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Neck Liposuction Versus Having a Neck Lift

Just saw a new patient from San Diego who was interested in having more definition along her jawline and neck. She was 38 years old and was inquiring about whether she needed liposuction of the neck versus an actual neck lift procedure. What I explained to her is that there are, in general, three different types of patients when it comes to enhancing the neck contour. Neck Liposuction There are those who have fairly reasonable... Continue Reading
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Combining Chin Implant with Platysma Muscle Tightening

We have had several patients consulting with us over the past few months for chin augmentation with placement of an implant. Many of these patients were seeking an increase in projection to achieve more definition along the jawline and upper neck. In several of these patients, it was noted that tightening of the platysma muscle would also prove beneficial in their surgical outcome so I decided to post a quick blog regarding this combination procedure.... Continue Reading

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